Digital Marketing and Video Production Bangkok Thailand Establishing a Creative Direction for Video Production

Establishing a creative direction for video productions with sites like Digital Distinct is an important part of marketing your brand. Video productions need to have a very specific creative direction in order to convey your brand the way you want them to. Because of this, it will help to know some things you can do to help establish a creative direction for your brand.


One thing to consider for establishing a creative direction for your video production is your intended audience. For example, if your video production is intended primarily for an audience in Thailand, you might want to establish a creative direction that reflects Thai values and customs. For an older audience, you might want to go in a direction that reflects the issues that older people face, while with a younger audience, you would want to try and hit on things that younger people place importance on.  You can also consider what business your primary audience might be involved in, and go in a direction that reflects the issues people in that line of business face. Similarly, if your primary audience is people at home, you would want to focus your efforts on appealing to issues that people at home might face. Ultimately, you still want your brand to take center stage in the video, but knowing your audience will help tremendously for how to best present your brand to them.



It is also important to know what you want the video production to achieve. If you don't know what you want the video to achieve, then there's almost no way you can even begin to set a creative direction for it. You need to consider what actions your intended audience needs to take, what they should do to take those actions, how you want them to feel after watching the video, and how you want them to feel specifically about your brand after watching the video. Once you have figured out what exactly you want the video to achieve, you can begin planning everything else around that.


Another thing to consider is if you want to go with a scripted story or simply with people discussing your brand. With a scripted story, you would need to factor in things like hiring professional actors, writing the script, deciding on tone, and a bunch of other things. Going with a scripted story for your video production can ultimately be more expensive, but the results can often turn out better, since your brand is often presented in a far more professional manner through a scripted story. One the other hand, if you just bring in customers who have had experience with your brand to talk about their experiences with your brand, you can save on money and time, as you don't have to hire professionals or necessarily write out an extensive script. This carries the risk of your brand not coming across quite as professional, since you will be dealing with just regular people instead of professional actors, but it can sometimes come across as more relatable to a potential audience.


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