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Benefits of Boarding Schools in Thailand

One of the most challenging decisions parents have to make is choosing the right place to educate their children. This is because education plays a valuable role in the development of a kid. Often, most parents find it difficult to pick between a day school and a boarding school.

If you are experiencing such a dilemma, read on to discover why Small Wood Technologies recommends boarding schools over day schools.

Conducive Learning Environment


Why You Should Join International School in Bangkok

Most parents consider the quality of education when selecting a school. With a quality tutoring, your child increases the chance of having a promising future. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and resources.


International schools in Bangkok offer have outstanding facilities and offer a conducive learning environment. This makes sure that your kids become proficient in classwork and other activities such as sports and drama. 



Trilingual International Schools in Thailand & Why They Could be a Good Fit

Part of the reasons why the conventional Thai education system is on a downward spiral is because it’s set to prefer native language over English. And while international schools are enjoying greater traction amid the deteriorating standards of education in the sector, not every parent’s needs are catered for in these prestigious schools. 


Emotional Development

Emotional development is the ability to recognize, express, and control feeling at different ages, as well as empathizing with others. The relationship with parents, siblings, and other people significantly affects the emotional development of a child.  


Can a foreigner open a technology business in Thailand?

Creating a technologies company in Thailand is something a lot of people consider nowadays. Especially foreigners, as they know employees are not very expensive in the country. So it makes a lot of sense to expand to a country like this and find what approach works really well for them. At the end of the day it all comes down to adapting to the business world and actively finding what system is better and more cohesive in a situation like this.


Bangkok International Prep School

You need to choose a Bangkok International Prep School, now what?

3 tips for choosing the best Prep school in Bangkok


1. Location


About KIS International School Bangkok

There are many an international school Bangkok, but one which stands out for its excellence is the KIS International School. It teaches children from ages 2-19 and about 600 children from all nationalities attend this school. It is a co-educational school. At KIS, there is a relaxed and healthy atmosphere with facilities which allow children to have fun but at the same time receive the right commitment and motivation to learn.



Bangkok international school perfectly tailored to contemporary demands

If you are looking for the best school for your child, then you should definitely consider an international school in Thailand. These schools offer students all the important assets they must acquire, in order to have a great future ahead of them, no matter what path they choose to follow professionally.


Modern Education


Role of a Graphic Design Bangkok Agency in Boosting Your Online Presence

In order to stay in the game and outsmart your online competitors you need to make sure that your website is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is easy to navigate and search engine friendly. Without a good design, it will be hard for you to truly represent your business, your products/services, or your brand. A good design can bring growth by attracting more customers and retaining the existing ones. It is therefore very important that you choose the best graphic design agency to take care of your designing needs.


Digital Marketing and Video Production Bangkok Thailand Establishing a Creative Direction for Video Production

Establishing a creative direction for video productions with sites like Digital Distinct is an important part of marketing your brand. Video productions need to have a very specific creative direction in order to convey your brand the way you want them to. Because of this, it will help to know some things you can do to help establish a creative direction for your brand.




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