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Bangkok International Prep School

You need to choose a Bangkok International Prep School, now what?

3 tips for choosing the best Prep school in Bangkok


1. Location


About KIS International School Bangkok

There are many an international school Bangkok, but one which stands out for its excellence is the KIS International School. It teaches children from ages 2-19 and about 600 children from all nationalities attend this school. It is a co-educational school. At KIS, there is a relaxed and healthy atmosphere with facilities which allow children to have fun but at the same time receive the right commitment and motivation to learn.



Bangkok international school perfectly tailored to contemporary demands

If you are looking for the best school for your child, then you should definitely consider an international school in Thailand. These schools offer students all the important assets they must acquire, in order to have a great future ahead of them, no matter what path they choose to follow professionally.


Modern Education


Role of a Graphic Design Bangkok Agency in Boosting Your Online Presence

In order to stay in the game and outsmart your online competitors you need to make sure that your website is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is easy to navigate and search engine friendly. Without a good design, it will be hard for you to truly represent your business, your products/services, or your brand. A good design can bring growth by attracting more customers and retaining the existing ones. It is therefore very important that you choose the best graphic design agency to take care of your designing needs.


Digital Marketing and Video Production Bangkok Thailand Establishing a Creative Direction for Video Production

Establishing a creative direction for video productions with sites like Digital Distinct is an important part of marketing your brand. Video productions need to have a very specific creative direction in order to convey your brand the way you want them to. Because of this, it will help to know some things you can do to help establish a creative direction for your brand.



Movie Theaters in Bangkok

People with children in international schools in Bangkok might be looking for various ways to keep entertained while they’re living in the city. Fortunately, Bangkok has a large selection of movie theaters to choose from, many of which show Hollywood films in English. There are also theaters that show foreign-language films with English subtitles.



Silicon Valley Embraces Cosmetic Surgery

For as long as it has been an industry, the IT sector has seldom, if ever, worried about physical appearance. Indeed, workers in IT have always been stereotypically viewed as being skinny, scruffy and weak but it appears as if times are changing. Certainly, if you live in Silicon Valley, cosmetic surgery is encouraged once you go above the age of 30! A study conducted by New Republic suggests the tech hotspot is now the most ageist place in the United States.



ON SITE REPAIR:$ 65.00 per hour

• 1 Hour Minimum then billed in ½ Hour Increments.IN-SHOP REPAIR:$ 60.00 per hour

• Billed at ½ Hour Increments.REMOTE PC SUPPORT:$ 55.00 per hour .

• Billed at ¼ Hour Increments.TELEPHONE SUPPORT:$ 55.00 per hour

• Billed at ¼ Hour Increments.DRIVE TIME:$ 35.00 per hour

• Service calls outside of 30 -mile radious from Jefferson City Office.DIAGNOSTIC FEE:$ 35.00 per hour

• Not billed if Smallwood Technologies, Inc Corrects the problem.


Personalize Your Home Page

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$35.00    Diagnostic Fee (waived if suggested work is performed).
°    $35.00    General Component Installation and Repair - PCI/CDRM Install.
°    $75.00    Virus Removal.
°    $75.00    SpyWare Removal.
°    $125.00    OS Reinstall - Costumer must supply legal product key code.
°    $125.00    Home Wireless Install (plus equipment) with 30-day follow up.
- Data backup and data recording



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