Bangkok International Prep School

You need to choose a Bangkok International Prep School, now what?

3 tips for choosing the best Prep school in Bangkok


1. Location

The location of any Prep School you choose is extremely important.This will be a huge factor in your livelihood while living in Bangkok.The length of your commute will not matter so much as the time you’ll spend in traffic.In some parts of Bangkok traveling 5 km can take up to an hour.Spending less time in your car when you drop off your child at the school will be something you’ll want to consider. Another way in which location factors in can be do you want to live right in the heart of the city? Or, do you want to stay away from the noise as much as possible?


2. Administration and Staff

One thing which should be considered is the administration and staff at the Bangkok International Prep School you choose.How well do you get along with the administration and staff?Not simply how well do you get along with them in a friendly way but how do you like their working process as well.Yes it’s understood that you can’t know all of this for sure before enrolling, however, you can try and find out as much as possible concerning this matter by asking questions, questions, and more questions.Another thing you can do is to spend as much time as possible with the administration and teaching staff.


3. University Prep

The last tip but perhaps the most important one is University Prep.You are most likely searching for a Prep School because you want to best prepare your child for University.So the key here is finding out which programs each particular school offers.Such as what accreditation do they have, and does this line up with what your child is looking to do in the future.One nice attribute offered at several International Prep Schools in Bangkok is University Counseling.If you choose a school that has such a program your child will have someone there to guide them through the years, supporting them with decisions about becoming a University Student.