ON SITE REPAIR:$ 65.00 per hour

• 1 Hour Minimum then billed in ½ Hour Increments.IN-SHOP REPAIR:$ 60.00 per hour

• Billed at ½ Hour Increments.REMOTE PC SUPPORT:$ 55.00 per hour .

• Billed at ¼ Hour Increments.TELEPHONE SUPPORT:$ 55.00 per hour

• Billed at ¼ Hour...

Use your favorite FTP application to move your website to the web server.
For an explanation about how to use an FTP application to transfer content to your server, please click here.
 Be certain the name of the file for your new home page is: index.html
Additionally, if...

$35.00    Diagnostic Fee (waived if suggested work is performed).
°    $35.00    General Component Installation and Repair - PCI/CDRM Install.
°    $75.00    Virus Removal.
°    $75.00...

$80/hr billed in ½ increments.
$85 Virus and Spyware Removal.
$135 Operating System Re-Install (Customer must provide a legal product key code).
$40 Diagnostic fee (waived if STI Technician performs recommended repairs).